"I have lost 31 lbs."

"I tried Easy hCG and have had amazing results. Sticking to the program with a couple slip ups I have lost 31 lbs. In my first 45 day attempt. I also have maintained my new weight for 3 months and now am ready to drop another 10 lbs. So I am reordering and getting extra to give as a gift to my family members for X-mas. Good luck on your new you!"

-Greg, Age: 52, Shorewood, MN


"I lost 20 pounds in the 42 days."

"A friend told me about the HCG, my first impression of this diet was that this won't work, but after I talked to one of the employees when I called and she answered all my questions I was motivated to start the plan. I lost 20 pounds in the 42 days. I was a little hungry while on the diet, but I kept on the diet and after I was seeing weight lost my hungry spells were not important. I have and will continue to recommend this plan to my friends and family."

-Ondre, Age: 47, Cleveland, OH


"In week 1 I lost 14lbs."

"I loved my experience simply because this company stands behind what they say, I asked so many questions I refused to fail. Customer service was there the entire step of the way. In week 1 I lost 14 lbs. and throughout it was a steady 1-2 lb. loss daily. If you follow this program down to the letter, you WILL lose weight. I weighed in at 188.8 in the beginning, and My total finished weight was 164.0, my goal was to get to 150 lbs. but that was an amazing journey. Round 2 here i come and i have maintained my weight loss still. I think what I loved most about the program is it teaches you how to eat and to make the right food choices in the right amounts. THANKS EASY HCG!"

-Aisha C, Age: 34, Clayton, DE


"I was in a 42" waist and am now in a 32" waist!!! I literally lost 100 lbs and ten pants sizes."

"I used HCG to achieve my weight loss goal. I've been trying my entire adult to fight the tipping of the scale and nothing seemed to work I just couldn't stick with it. In July of 2012 I reached 300 lbs. I have a wife and child and I lost my own father by age four due to health reasons. When I thought about my son growing up without his father (me) it crushed me. And if I was around, would I be able to run along side him when the time came? Would he be embarrassed to be around me? And would my knees finally give to the overloaded strain and pressure my body was under? I also had a wife I wanted happy with me and if I wasn't happy with myself then how on earth could anyone else be with me? Well that all changed and I'm determined to not let those questions be answered. I began taking it and struggled the first three days just as the pamphlet stated due to the reduction in caloric intake. I counted every calorie keeping a very close eye for the first time on everything I put in to my soon to be new found temple. I lost FAST over the first month and seeing results helped to fuel the fire that enabled me to have the power to succeed. The menu was broad enough to have variety and stay on track without straying to the inside aisles of the grocery store anymore. I'm now at 200 lbs and holding eating mostly what I want and if I go off track to splurge I'm easily taken back because I have my entire journey engrained in my mind reminding me of the old me I don't want to go back to anymore. I was in a 42" waist and am now in a 32" waist!!! I literally lost 100 lbs and ten pants sizes. I feel how different my body feels and looks! My self esteem is boosted, I'm mindful of my intake, I can run without my knees hurting, and I'm no longer tired daily like I was, nor am I falling asleep at work anymore. I'm thankful for the product and I've since put my step-father on it and he's having much success as I did losing 20 lbs within the first two weeks of his journey. I've almost forgot, I'm completely off of one of two of my Heart medications and after speaking to my Dr. about the product AFTER the weight loss...she said she has no issues with using this product again in the future and feels its safe for me. I had some of the best nights sleep while using HCG and I also had a LOWER blood pressure while using it. My blood pressure increasing while taking this supplement was a major concern for me and there was nothing to support that when researching this product, but I'm here to tell you that it DID for me. That for me is awesome. I hope anyone that wants to experience a second chance at life gets ahold of this.
I was told to send this over to the general email department since the site is currently under construction and in exchange I would be given a two month free supply of HCG drops. Thank you for a wonderful product that have me a new life."


-James G, Grain Valley, MO


"i have lost 20 pounds in about 30 days!"

"i bumped into a friend of mine that i haven't seen in a number of months at work. she looked fabulous not only physically but had a whole new mental attitude, stood confident and vibrant! she motivated me to start my weight loss. she told me about east hcg! i was hesitant at first and am not one to take any medication or pills however after seeing her significant loss, i decided to try it. after a couple of days, i did not feel hungry but at times i craved certain fried foods which i was so used to eating. this craving ended real fast after 7 days when i started seeing the numbers on the scale start climbing down! i have lost 20 pounds in about 30 days! i have another 20 to go and just reordered my drops. there are so many websites that promise they are true hcg drops. i have tried them and i found these worked the best and would never experiment again!"

-Edith, Age: 40, Smithtown, NY


"Five weeks later I am down 40 lbs., my knees and ankles are grateful, my coworkers are amazed and I am ecstatic with a renewed energy for life."

"I first learned about easyHCG from my daughter. She was having incredible results with the diet, but I was skeptical that it would work for me. Only 500 calories a day? Are you kidding me?
Since I knew of no men on the diet, I decided that I would give it my best effort to prove it could be done by an OFG (old fat guy). Plus, I was tired of my knees and ankles aching every time I walked my dog and wanted to live long enough to spoil my grandkids. When I started Phase 1 on May 13 this year, I weighed in at 300.4 lbs. Five weeks later I am down 40 lbs., my knees and ankles are grateful, my co-workers are amazed and I am ecstatic with a renewed energy for life. Although I had a few bouts with extreme hunger, I persisted because of the results. Recommend? YES! In fact, several of my much younger colleagues have started after seeing my results."

-John, Age: 61, Eugene, OR


"The biggest change is that my triglycerides fell by nearly 65% and my blood pressure dropped enough to get me off blood pressure meds."

"Just started second round with Easy HCG. I had heard about HCG drops and began to talk with companies about the dietary program. The staff at HCG were helpful all the way through. My research encouraged me that the HCG program could be successful for anyone. I lost 23 pounds the first time from March through June and plan to lose 25 this time. Never really hungry. In addition to the weight loss, the biggest change is that my triglycerides fell by nearly 65% and my blood pressure dropped enough to get me off blood pressure meds. I am excited about getting back to college weight! I highly recommend this weight loss program.

-Warren R, Age: 56, Middletown, Maryland